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About me...

Back when I was a uni dropout with a full head of hair, I worked all over the place:

Stuffing rotisserie chickens at the Fitzroy Crossing roadhouse, lugging wheelbarrows of concrete around building sites in Melbourne, waiting tables illegally in the US for two bucks an hour… In the UK I was even paid to sing karaoke while making cocktails.

After returning home to go back to uni and get a ‘real’ job, I somehow found myself working as a TV reporter. I spent four amazing years in front of the camera, with stints in Broome, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, and finally, Perth.

In 2009 I went behind the camera to produce and direct a short documentary on ‘Cashed Up Bogans’, which quickly led to full time work in the Film & TV Industry. I've since worked in production, development, and creative roles across a whole slate of projects.

Better yet, in more recent years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be supported in developing my own concepts for the screen.

I’m currently Development Producer at L’unica Productions, working with one of my best buddies and loving every minute of it.